Wanted: 7.5 and above sails and boom.

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Wanted: 7.5 and above sails and boom.

Unread postby AndyC » Sat Apr 09, 2016 1:08 pm

Does anyone have any larger sails they don't use? I'm looking for 7m + in good condition. Idealy to fit onto a 460 mast. If someone has a good quality boom which is around the 2.25 - 2.30 max also.
I may consider having to get a 490 mast if necessary if there is bargains to be had.
Just looking at opening my options. I'm 87kgs on a 155 Starboard Go. Not yet planing but believe I may need some larger sail power to hook up that wind.
I'm currently playing with a 5.4 & 6.2. As learning to basics...

Any advice welcome on what set up I should be looking at for free ride planing?
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Re: Wanted: 7.5 and above sails and boom.

Unread postby tom » Sun Apr 10, 2016 7:29 pm

Hi Andy,

Sorry, I don't have a sail to sell you - my 7.8m and 9.4m sails get quite a lot of use at derwent ( the 7.8m is the sail I use most). Whilst the 9.4 has been slagged off, its not as heavy as you might think, works fine on a 140-150 board and it means I can enjoy myself on days when I would otherwise either be having a moan or cutting the lawn. Mostly it means if I drive up to derwent I probably will have a sail.

Regarding a sail, for what my opinion is worth, I would try and get something that has been made in the last 10 years. New would be lovely but remember that a big sail can be a pest to carry from the derwent field to the water and might not be able to be as careful with it as you might like. I suspect you want something a bit "grunty" ( why would you want a big sail that isn't?). Some folk would tell you to avoid cams. On a big sail I am not sure the disadvantages of cams is that large. But I suspect that's a debate that could run and run. My two big sails have cams so I am probably biased. My guess is that if sail has more than 2 cams it probably isn't what your after. As for Brand and Model, I think it is fair to say pretty much all modern kit is fine so it probably doesn't matter and in any case is probably a lot to do with personal preference and what you are used to sailing

Regarding size, if you can afford it I might try and go 8m or even 8.5m. I say afford as it might mean you need a longer mast, although clearly that would depend upon the sail. In the nicest possible way you sound quite a big lad, so might benefit from the extra sail. The other advantage with going bigger would be it would make you choice of sail easier. What does a 6.4m day look like, in what way does it look different to a 7.5m day? If you have an 8.5m choice might be more obvious? e.g. can I handle the 8.5m if so its that, otherwise great is a 6.4m day and you probably will have lots of company, a lot of which is smiling!

I work in the week, hope to bump into you when one of your shift is not at the weekend and its windy. Hope the above isn't a hindrance and you find what you are after. And great that there is going to be another member of the gang at derwent.

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Re: Wanted: 7.5 and above sails and boom.

Unread postby GavD » Mon Apr 11, 2016 8:02 pm

I have an 8.5m Loft and a 490 mast which have hardly been used. Willing to let them both go for £300.

In the Morpeth area. 07836 330358
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Re: Wanted: 7.5 and above sails and boom.

Unread postby AndyC » Mon Apr 11, 2016 9:15 pm

Thanks guys, lots to think about. Gav, I may give you a ring ref the 8.5. Got a few irons in the fire so to speak. All your help is much appreciated.
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