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looking ahead

Unread postby Steve Boyd » Sun Jul 21, 2013 8:22 am

just came back off holiday, been down to torquay in devon to see the daughter as she has moved down there. picked a good week absolutely baking in 30 degree heat all week, no sea breezes, still 25degrees overnight, had to settle for sitting tin the pool for external cooling and drinking coool lager in the evening fior internal cooling purposes as you have to keep your fluids up in the heat. a nice part of the country, windsurfing potential to be explored as yet, actually getting to a good beach is the hard part, all narrow twisting lanes for miles, but it has 16 degree sea water temperature

stopped overnight in weston super mare to catch the bristol to newcastle flight, a really nice beach for sailing, not unlike allonby but a bit nicer, long flat sandy beaches, parking right on the sand on the beach or the road, a few nice long beaches, would be good fun bump and jump, stunning huge coastline to far to go and we have allonby much closer that is easily do-able for a spur of the moment day trip, if ever you were on holiday around bristol, it is an easy accessible spot for fun sailing

all of this has got me thinking, i have ahd a few good west coast days lately, keen to do a trip in autumn, late september or october to tiree if anyone is interested. in the meantime i am keeping an eye on the weather, have had a few good west coast trips could fancy a few more days away when the weather is right, actually really enjoyed a fun bump and jump session at allonby a few weeks back, forgot how much fun it can be would like to try and do a bit more at either spotx, allonby, (bootle a possibiliy,long drive so may be a weekend) or a weekend over to gatehouse of fleet, of course time and family commitments override at times but when the time is there strike!

west coast has given the best sessions of the year for me so far, good powered up for 3 hours on 5m with a bit wave to play. east has still been a mixed bag, have enjoyed it as much when it has been great, but i am still finding it has been disapointing at times
there is potential in august for warm weather and good wind can happen if there is a high stuck over the country and it can give some accelerated winds out west and no wind here, as richie has reported a few times, have seen it myself and am ken to exploit any short board, small sail, wave or fun bump and jump. the last time at allony the wind was cross on for 4.5-5m weather and some good fun ramps and fun blasting. even started to try some backloops, again only 1.5-1.75 hours max drive from the doorstep. need more fun now!

long range forecast shows the high diminishing around the end of july and some low pressures returning across the country, fingers crossed they are only forecasts but after long periods of high pressure the lows usually come back to kick it off its perch, let the winds return!
Steve Boyd
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Re: looking ahead

Unread postby richie » Mon Jul 22, 2013 9:47 am

I used to live in Bristol so Weston Super Mare was my local spot for a couple of years. It could be pretty good (worked best in a W if I remember correctly). It does get waves but they are onshore wind-blow type so were better for bump & jump rather than riding, although you could backside wave ride them a bit. It was a good spot for sea breezes though; there were times I would be sitting in Bristol with very little wind on a warm day and people would be blasting about on 5m.

I used to go sailing in Cornwall and Devon a bit while I was there and there are some cracking spots down there - happy days!!!

I agree with you about the sailing up here, Steve. The NE coast can be great, but west definately is more consistent and more likely to end up being good on marginal forecast days. I am now on gardening leave from the RN so that's pretty much me without portfolio until I get another job. Hopefully some wind inbound. I'm also up for any trips away so keep me posted (obviously depending on what happens with jobs etc). As always, NWC welcome over at Gatehouse if it firing-I'm hoping to be there lots over the next few weeks.
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Re: looking ahead

Unread postby Steve Boyd » Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:58 pm

fingers crossed on all accounts richie, hope you get sorted with some work (but just after a windy spell!)
Steve Boyd
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